For more than 70 years – gaining, applying and sharing our experience

Since the end of the 1940s, the engineering competence for the East German potash and rock salt industry par excellence has been established in Erfurt. From 1952 as KALI-INGENIEURBÜRO Erfurt, and since 1956 at the headquarters in Arnstaedter Strasse 28, ERCOSPLAN continued this tradition from 1992 as a management buy-out foundation after the political change in Germany.

Today, with 200 employees at five locations, we are active worldwide both for the potash and rock salt producers themselves, for investors in new mineral salt projects or as independent experts for mining and environmental authorities or also for financial institutions and supervisory bodies of international financial trading houses as well as for national or international arbitration courts.

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What do we do?

We do everything about salt!

Mineral salts – whether solid or in dissolved form – are our profession, as raw materials for potash fertilizer production and other applications in the chemical industry or as host rocks for the underground storage of chemical waste or radioactive waste repositories.

Thematically, our services range from exploration and evaluation of mineral salt resources, to extraction and processing, including the planning and optimization of the related processing facilities, to environmental protection during ongoing production. Both for decommissioned potash and rock salt mining operations and for other mining sectors, we advise and plan for the subsequent use and closure of mines including the related monitoring and risk assessment.

With regard to planning maturity, our service starts with the formulation of an innovative project idea and ranges from early planning and cost studies through classic feasibility studies to the final planning stages, including all aspects of environmental protection and sustainability as well as permit management and construction and installation supervision.


Consulting – Evaluation – Assessment – Planning – Monitoring

For the mineral salt industry

we offer

  • from geological exploration and economic evaluation of solid mineral salt deposits or natural brines,
  • to conventional underground or solution mining of solid mineral salts or extraction of natural brines,
  • processing of solid or liquid mineral salt resources and conditioning of by-products,
  • disposal of solid and liquid residues resulting from such operations,
  • as well as any other aspects of environmental protection and sustainability

innovative concepts and professional engineering – everything from one source – for more than 70 years

For mine backfill, the underground storage of hazardous waste and radioactive waste repositories in the saline host rock

we provide you

  • starting with the basic geological investigations for site selection on a regional scale or the delineation of suitable mine sections in the already existing mine workings,
  • to mining activities to create and reuse underground cavities in the saline host rock,
  • to the verification of the long-term safety of underground storages and repositories

with our wealth of experience in underground mining – for more than 70 years.

For special mining projects

we provide you with

  • custom-made concepts and solution based approaches for underground projects
  • well-founded cost analyses and comparisons of variants
  • solutions and strategies for technical and economic challenges
  • mine damage and abandoned mine assessments
  • concepts for stabilization and restoration measures
  • support for research projects
  • support for official approval procedures

based on our in-depth expertise and many years of experience in mining whether in saliferous rock or underground mineral deposits – for more than 70 years.