In 1992 the present

ERCOSPLAN Group of Companies

was created out of the former Kali-Ingenieurbuero Erfurt, the central planning office of the East German potash industry, which has been active under different names in Erfurt, Thuringia since 1955.

From 1950 to 1990, over a period of 40 years, East Germany became the third largest potash producer world wide, with the Kali-Ingenieurbuero being their sole planning office handling projects with a total value of about EUR 5.5 billion.

In 1990 after the reunification of East and West Germany the company was privatised under the name KIB Plan GmbH, taking over the most experienced staff and the complete know how of the former Kali-Ingenieurbüro.

In 1992, right after a management buy out, the name was changed to ERCOSPLAN Erfurter Consulting und Planungsbuero GmbH.

Later in the 1990`s, due to the excellent development of the company, several subsidiaries were formed and strategic acquisitions have been made.

Today ERCOSPLAN, still managed by the owners, employs 180 engineers, scientists, technicians, economists and computer experts, performing an annual turnover of about 12 million EUR. Services include, among others, surveying, consulting and planning, project management and supervision of installation and start up, as well as project management.

1952 Staatliche AG für Kalidüngemittel "KALI"
1953 Zentrales Planungs- und Konstruktionsbüro "ZPKB", Erfurt
1954 VEB Konstruktions- und Ingenieurbüro Chemie (KIB),
Abt. VI Kali- und Nichterzbergbau, Erfurt
1955 Ingenieur-Technische Zentrale (ITZ) für die Kali-Industrie und den Nichterzbergbau
1955 KIB VEB Kali-Ingenieurbüro Erfurt
1970 VEB Kombinat KALI, Geschäftsbereich Projektierung, Erfurt
1990 KIB Plan GmbH, Erfurt
1992 Foundation of the company ERCOSPLAN
1992 Acquisition of Institut für Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Leipzig
1993 Acquisition of Glückauf Vermessung GmbH, Sondershausen
1996 Formation of the subsidiary ERCOSPLAN Umwelt Consulting GmbH
1998 Formation of the subsidiary
ERCOSPLAN Ingenieurgesellschaft Geotechnik und Bergbau mbH
1998 Formation of the subsidiary ERCOSPLAN Ingenieurbüro Anlagentechnik GmbH
2001 Formation of the subsidiary ERCOSPLAN Hoch- und Tiefbauplanung GmbH
2002 Celebration of ERCOSPLAN's 10th Anniversary
2005 Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Foundation of the
Kali-Ingenieurbüro in Erfurt
2010 Sale of the Subsidiary ERCOSPLAN Hoch- und Tiefbauplanung GmbH in Course of a Refocusing of the ERCOSPLAN Group of Companies on its Core Business
2012 Foundation of the Subsidiary KIB Engenharia de Potássio Ltda.